Colys.png Colys are the hybrid children (homo sapiens coleoidea) of humans and the Ixhari created by the Chimera Virus. They appear humanoid, although their skin is bluish-green, their body hair is non-existent, their eyes are large pale green orbs with nictitating membranes, their fingers and toes are webbed, and they bear small tentacles upon the crown and back of their heads.
Due to their physiology, Colys are easily recognizable by most. They make up a majority among the victims of the Chimera Syndrome. Most Colys live in or around established Coly-Camps, such as the one in Highland City, Florida Island.These group homes were built by the scientific and military communities to foster the study and exploitation of the Coly’s unique capabilities.


  • Paragon, Powerhouse, Psychic, Speedster, Warrior


  • Alien, Biological


All Colys have certain powers in common, gifts unique to their genetic expression of the Chimera Syndrome. These powers must be included in their 150 points regardless of their chosen Archetypes.

  • Aquatic: Immunity 3 (Cold, Drowning, Pressure), Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation: Aquatic), Senses 1 (Low-light Vision)—6 points
  • Swimming: Swimming 4—4 points

See Power Descriptors for more on how the descriptor of a power is used in the setting.
See Power Selection for more on the power effects that are available in the setting.


All Colys begin play with a Complication. Their genetically-designed similarity to the appearance of the Ixhari invaders is distasteful to most common folks’ sensibilities, and so they frequently find themselves the subject of Prejudice outside of the Coly-Camps despite the role their people played in ridding Earth of the Ixhari.



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