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Current Power Level: 8
See Power Level for more details on the series power level.


All superheroes have a beginning. Which of the five Origin Stories below best describes yours?



See Power Selection for more on the power effects that are available in the setting.
See Power Descriptors for more on how the descriptor of a power is used in the setting.


Bases are places where the superheroes of The Chimera Syndrome gather and train. Below are a few of the bases belonging to power groups of the world.

Vindicator Training CampHighland City Coly-Camp


The world outside of the bases is a frightening thing to behold. Most have come to call Earth The Madhouse now. Chaos and anarchy rule the streets of most cities, many governments have toppled, and maddened Chimeras terrorize the innocent populace. Even with the Ixhari gone, there’s a lot of work left to do to bring order, peace, justice, and sanity to the world. A few of the organizations that might support or sponsor heroes in a world gone mad are discussed below.

NATONACCThe VindicatorsWexlerCorp

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