Vindicator Training Camp

Dominica__Vindicator_Training_Camp.PNG Located far away from prying eyes, this camp was a joint military effort by the UK, US, Russian, French, German, and Chinese governments. The installation in Dominica housed over 300 Colys and Chimeras during the Ixhari War, and was intended to produce super-soldiers to combat the alien invasion.

These troops took on the unit name “Vindicators”, and their history in battle was at first very secretive. Many of the individual soldiers were plagued with more complications in their mutations than deemed healthy. Most were headstrong and at times displayed insubordinate behaviors. Yet without their efforts, the Ixhari War might not have ended as it did.

The Vindicators’ Stand was a historic battle that stripped away all secrecy from the mutant unit’s existence. Over two hundred mutants waged a destructive battle across West Africa to reduce the Ixhari invasion forces to a third of their original number. By the end of the battle, the Ixhari had retreated to their hidden underwater bases, and the Vindicators’ numbers on the field had fallen to twenty-six.

From that point on during the Ixhari War, the remaining Vindicators spearheaded military missions to root out and destroy Ixhari bases. Several of these brave mutants lost their lives in those battles; all have been hailed as the greatest of mankind’s heroes for their sacrifices. Despite the governments’ difficulties in dealing with these super-heroes and their larger-than-life personalities, the Vindicators were humanity’s salvation.

The Last Battle saw to the expulsion of the Ixhari from Earth and the destruction of the dimensional anchors that enabled their invasion. This battle was the most vicious, destructive, and bloody of any in the Ixhari War. Over two thousand Ixhari were killed before the remainder of their force scattered and fled deeper into the Marianas Trench, or retreated into their dimensional portal. Five thousand human troops lost their lives that day. Of the seventeen Vindicators who led the battle, only five were left standing when the Ixhari dimensional anchors were ripped apart.

Since the conclusion of the Ixhari War, the surviving Vindicators have appropriated their base from the joint military venture that built it, and have gone into seclusion.


Vindicator Training Camp

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